Follow these 5 simple steps to participate :

  • Step 1 Using any non musical instrument (eg: a wooden surface), record the same music as mentioned in the greenply video.
  • Step 2 Share the same on your Facebook profile.
  • Step 3Tag @GreenplyPlywood.
  • Step 4 Hashtag the status with #PlyeyPujorShur #Greenply.
  • Step 5Make the status ‘public’.

NOTE: We will be declaring the winners in two parts

  • 1.On 22nd Sep : From the first 10 participants, we will be choosing 2 winners who will be given a chance to play the same music (as uploaded by them for the Greenply contest) in front of KKR players
  • 2. On 10th Oct: The next set of winners will be declared and will stand a chance to win KKR merchandise. Winners will be decided on the basis of the music shared, proper hashtags used and Greenply tag.